Reclaiming Jesus’s Essential Teachings on Discipleship

The Great Omission  By  cover art

This volume from Dallas Willard draws our attention to the importance of discipleship to the Christian life. As we follow Jesus, we are expected to give him the throne of our hearts. His ways should invade our lives, directly effecting the way we speak, act, love, and steward our resources. This was a life long message for Dallas Willard and this book can go a long way towards understanding everything else he taught and spoke. More importantly this book is designed to have a profound impact on our lives and on our churches.

The production quality of this book is excellent. Grover Gardner all though a widely used reader is not always one of my favorites. I fine his voice a little monotonous, I would not recommend this audio version if you are new to audiobooks. A book that helped me to enjoy Grover Gardner’s reading voice is Mark Twain’s Innocents Abroad. Audible has a version read by Grover Gardner. While listening to that book I had the impression that Grover Gardner was really enjoying what he was read. For whatever reason that feeling of getting to know the reader has helped me to appreciate his voice much more.

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