Fueled Through the Bible

  • Life of Worship
    Called to live, not to surviveWhen lifting voice, when lifting a shovelThrough thick and thin, in Christ abideIn rest, in work, in mansion or hovelLiving water springing up insideUnder roof, with God’s holy people On a jobsite with dust and boards On our knees alone, feeling feeble Worship, living as the Lords Rising up on […]
  • An Immersion Background Case for the Baptism of Infants
    As parents of members of the body of Christ our job description may be somewhat different than we expected… … Instead of a sense of relief when our child prayer the prayer, or asks for baptism, we as parents should feel the kind of deep joy felt when we watch our children take their first steps, or say their first complete sentence. After all whose children are they? Enjoy walking with them in God’s kingdom.
  • Eating Together
    Eating Together is an Act of Worship As western christians, we have become guilty as a whole of compartmentalizing both our own lives and the life of the church. We have placed the activities of our daily lives into neatly labeled containers: Work, sports, school, performance container. Eating, tv, reading, video games, and a private […]
  • Family as God’s Chosen People
    As inheritors of families that have been following Jesus we have the privilege of getting to tell our testimony a bit differently.
  • Part 2 Two Extremes of Scriptural Interpretation
    How Did Jesus and His Immediate Followers Interpret Scripture? In the previous paper we explored two extremes to the way Christians read scripture. We explored the history and benefit of the Scripture Alone doctrine, and we also explored the history and benefits of reading the Bible as a historical document. In both cases we looked […]
  • Sin, Judgment, and God’s Eternal Purpose
    God loves us. (18)There is no shadow of turning in Him. (19) As we read the Bible and grow closer to Him, let’s recognize that from long before creation, mankind has been the object of His affection. From the time of mankind’s infection God has been lovingly and tenderly pursuing and restoring us, battling the infection of sin. He is more than great enough to finish His work.
  • The Role of Gifts
    There are many misconceptions about prophecy in the world today. A couple of which I would like to quickly address. First of all prophecy, culturally and occasionally among believers, is thought to tell the future. But this is only partially true. Prophecy may give insight into the future or occasionally declare a future outcome. However, […]
  • The Vast Landscape of Scripture
    Seeing the Forest Through the Trees     I live and grew up in north west Montana. It is a beautiful area, with mountains, lakes, diverse forests and rich soiled valley floors. I did a significant part of my growing up in a town called Lakeside. It’s a small town, built on the shore of Flathead […]
  • Thirst
    A Good Friday Poem The Cornerstone perfectedOn a hill with olive treesAbandoned by disciplesEach to his own dreamsSweating blood in his distressSays Father if it’s your willWill you take this cup from meNot my will but yours be done Betrayed, marked by a false kissA bleary eyed discipleNow draws sword in his defenseCutting off a […]
  • Two Extremes of Scriptural Interpretation
    As Christians, we believe the Bible is the foundational way in which the Creator God has chosen to be revealed. It records the working of God in creation and with humanity, whom He created in His image. The Bible itself records the power of the reading of these words of God. Think of Jeremiah, and […]

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