A Good Friday Poem

The Cornerstone perfected
On a hill with olive trees
Abandoned by disciples
Each to his own dreams
Sweating blood in his distress
Says Father if it’s your will
Will you take this cup from me
Not my will but yours be done

Betrayed, marked by a false kiss
A bleary eyed disciple
Now draws sword in his defense
Cutting off a guard’s deaf ear
Jesus stills further violence
He heals the startled man
I am who you’re looking for
He accepts the Father’s plan

Cornerstone of the temple
Rejected by the high priest
The guards beat and mock him
For the pleasure of the throng
Accused by many liars
Yet silent as a shorn lamb
He says Destroy this temple,
I will raise it up again.

They cast the stone outside the city
On a hill called Calvary
They drive nails through outstretched hands
Into a good and evil tree
The son of man stands enthroned
The true temple lifted high
Delivering messiah
By jealous men condemned to die

Beaten whipped accused and mocked
Now hanging from the cross
He looks on the whole city
On soldiers and mocking crowd
Casting lots for his clothing
As they bide time till his death
He says Father forgive them
For they know not what they do

Two thieves hang beside him
One thief mocks with the crowd
The other hopes in Jesus
To bring him to paradise
Beneath him stands his mother
Who now must watch him die
He bids his friend care for her
For his mother he provides

The Savior scorned by mankind
And despised by the people
Passing by mocking saying
He trusts in the Lord
What good has that done for him?
Let his God deliver him
Jesus cries, my God, my God
Why have you forsaken me?

The Christ hangs, mouth dry and parched
Remembering his purpose
Breath ragged, he says I thirst
Vinegar on hyssop branch
The Savior drinks the bitter draught
He looks on those he loves
Humanity surrounds him
He declares, it is finished

Deep darkness covers the earth
Despite the sun in sky
The veil over glory tears
He cries out with a loud voice
Father into your hands
I commit my spirit
Saying this he breathes his last
Those who mocked now beat their breast

Stone tree temple now converge
Recall Moses as staff strikes
Living water bursts forth
From temple, stone, tree of life
Living water flooding free
Growing deeper as it flows
Healing both land and sea
Giving life, now come and drink

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