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Love Lives Here Audiobook By Maria Goff, Bob Goff - foreword cover art

I love this book

I have been reading Bob Goff books for years. I finally got around to reading this wonderful book from his wife. I really enjoy the way their writing complements each other. I tried reading this book the first time right on the heals of one of Bob’s books. The way they write is so similar I felt like I was missing out on Maria’s unique voice. I gave it a little break and came back to it and found I was able to listen with fresh ears. I love balancing life, marriage and calling that she display’s in this book. It ended up being a very emotional read for me. I think this is a wonderful book for husbands and wives seeking to live intentionally together.

The production quality is excellent.

While listening I jotted down a few of the many memorable quotes.

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