I had the good fortune to grow up in situations where we often did not have electricity. Instead of watching tv my mother would read to us by the light of a kerosene lamp. The hundreds of books she read gave us a love of reading, and listening to books read.

As I grew older, and was faced with the pressures of work, marriage, and parenting, I found myself reading far less than I would have liked to. When I did read, I always felt I was sacrificing something else. Time with my wife, time with my kids, time with friends. When I discovered Audible a world of possibility was open to me. Painting houses is far more entertaining while listening to Mark Twain. Driving is more productive listening to the Bible. Swinging a hammer can be done just as well listening to Moby Dick. Suddenly I found that I was able to consume quality literature without sacrificing relationships. 

As a pastor, father, and husband, I take a great deal of care in what I read. The only books on these lists are books I have personally listened to and have found beneficial. I am only reviewing audio books here because of how often I have read recommendations to books I then could not find on audio. I hope this gives you some Ideas as you seek to expand your knowledge and follow Jesus while bearing responsibility well.

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