When buying headphones for audiobooks, and even podcasts, sound quality is not the main concern. Most headphones these days sound decent and audio books don’t  require much to be pleasant to listen to. The main thing I look for is battery life. Many headphones these days have a battery life of fifteen hours or more and can be purchased for less than fifty dollars. I personally like the around the neck type because they are comfortable to wear, and tend to have the longest battery life for the money. It is also nice to be able to pull an earbud out without dropping it on the floor. Nearly all of these come with the in-ear plugs of three different sizes. I prefer these because of their noise canceling properties. As a carpenter, my headphones have often doubled as hearing protection. When I want to listen but am doing something loud, such as sanding, running a chainsaw or mowing the lawn, I just wear ear hearing protection right over the top of my headphones. 

Below one of my favorites headphones for audiobooks:


onn. Wireless Neckband Earphones, Black

(3.5)3.5 stars out of 30 reviews30 reviews


I really love these headphones, they have a 24 hour battery life. I can often listen for days between charges. I have owned four pairs over the last two years. The first two both lasted about six months with daily use often in extreme conditions. But the last two have only lasted about a month each. If you go for these I would recommend getting the one year replacement plan for three bucks.

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