Son of man, Revealed in brilliant glory
The author and finisher of creations story
Perfect is he, the king to whom we’re subject
The image of whom we’re created to reflect
Dressed to govern, and not for war
Pure white robes with gold adorn
Perfect wisdom flowing, like fresh fallen snow
Eyes that set the deepest dark aglow
Strong chiseled form, as though sculpted in bronze
His voice is constant, crashing waves, a stirring throng
Our best and brightest, in the palm of His hand
He is speaking truth, He is healing His Land

Jesus Speaks

Come follow me to see the end
I want you to know, I’ve got you in my hands
Kingdoms and powers, will not escape
The test of time, the Churches wake
It is I that leads and has set your path
I am faithful, I am with you, I will come at the last

The First

In the beginning it was I, that spoke creation to life
I walked in the garden, with you by my side
I gave Ishmael water, in a land with no rain
I judged sodom, when innocents cried out in pain
I received Abraham’s tieth, when he walked the land
With him I covenanted, carcasas open, lights in the sand
Abraham was exhausted, tired, he fell asleep
But I past through, my blood runs deep

It was I that spoke to moses out of the fire
I AM WHO I AM Moses here is my desire
I will bring you out, of Egypt were you are slaves
I will bring you to a good land I am mighty to save
Twas I that told Joshus, Be strong and courageous
I said Gideon, Mighty man, save this nation
I sent Samual when Israel situation was dire
I raised up David, after my heart, passonat fire
When Israel have forgotten to do my behest
I raised up Josiah, to preserve what was left
I moved Kings and sent Israel back to my land
Sampson, Isaak, Samual, births by my hand
Samual, Isaiah, Ezekial, Jeremiah,
Amos, Hosaia, Daniel, Elijah
These were a few of my prophets, my orators
To a people broken, sin inheritors

The Incarnation

I emptied myself, and was born on the earth
Humble, I nursed, I crawled on the dirt
Growing I matured in favore, God and Man
I grew up in wisdom, the perfect I AM
I took all the consequences, of sin, death, shame
I stretched out my hands, the lamb so tame
I gave up my spirit, to bring humanity close
Darkness, no lights shined of the heavenly host
The Father saw me, Humble subject to His will
He raised me up, I walked out of the hill
In strength in might revealed in glory
Commissioned disciples to continue my story

The Promise

It is I who is worthy to break the seals
To open the scroll, consequences revealed
It is I who am worthy to open the scroll
I hold the keys to death, the grave and hell
It is I who went to prepare a place
Peace in my glory, after the grave
No power should ever cause you to tremble
I am with you, wherever, whenever you assemble
Lean in rest, I am with you
My power has already made a way through
The veil is torn, to the holy of holies
Adopted your called to behold Fathers glory

The Last

I will be there when the last trumpet sounds
Humanity raised up as though trees from the ground
Some will come close, they have known me of old
Others will cower afraid, not part of my fold
My people evolved, fresh physical perfection
You body just a seed giving direction
Now no more death, no sorrow, no tear
Here is your land, a land without fear
Go forth, subdue and rule, by my side
It is for this union with you I once died
Our marriage is final, permanently one
The true, accomplished, perfected creation

One response to “Jesus First and Last”

  1. Jeanne Doell Avatar

    Josh, you leave me in tears with your words and feeling for the scripture.

    Liked by 1 person

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