Not my maturity, or my righteousness
Healing, a product of your life in us
Not my working, striving or behaving
Simple faith you rose from the grave
You formed us in our mothers wombs
Healing defined, you creating anew
When we trust you with our hurts
We wait expectant of creation at work

The book Miracles, by C. S. Lewis has really stuck with me. In one of the chapters he shows the miracles of Jesus in light of creation. When a broken bone heals, it is the creative work of God; our eyes are formed in the womb, it is the creative work of God. When God immediately heals it is still His creation at work.

One response to “Creating Anew”

  1. JPC Allen Avatar

    I love C.S. Lewis, but I don’t think I’ve read Miracles. I should. And thank you for following my blog!

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