Creator God, all authority is your own
Your raised us up, gave us a throne
To rule, and protect our garden sanctuary
Name the animals, call out purpose to diversity
Our authority, a shepherd’s staff in our hands
But we allowed a serpent into our land
The seraph spoke, it filled us with lies
Did God really say? Will you surely die?
We walked with that sariph, in the heat of the day
Missed out on our walk, in the cool of the evening
We dropped our authority, our shepherd’s rod
Taken up by our new master, cruel and hard
Beautiful seraph, cast to the ground
Rising up, wearing our crown
Murder, oppression and war, now the norm
God acted for us, by sea and by storm
Generations continued to walk over the land
God chose a people, slaves on Egyptian sands
The rod was cast down, and ate pharaoh’s serpents
That god king was no match for God’s servants
The rod was raised up it split open the sea
The rod brought down, revealing a living stream
Moses stood, he leaned on his rod
He promised one coming who would reveal God
By the Ark of the covenant, a new branch flowered
A picture of the messiah, to come in power
Jesus went down to were John was sent
Dunked into death, rising he saw heaven rent
He walk into the desert to begin recreation
There, still holding Adams staff, stood the satan
The satan tried, speaking half truths and lies
But Jesus himself, the new rod in disguise
Jesus snapped seraphs rod over his knee
Where ever Jesus goes, the satan must flee
The branch of the tribe of Judah revealed in power
All authority is his to this very hour
We lean on Him as he walks by our side
With Him we walk in re-creation life

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