The Beatitudes in Poetry

Listen and obey
summary of Jesus way
Loving God in word and deed
Loving neighbors without greed
Obedience your heart reshapes
Flesh heart from stone awakes
Wake from the matrix of sins hold
Smell, taste, touch, feel, behold
See God’s glory in creation
In humanity despite devotion,
To false god’s we’ve bow the knee
gods of war, sex, and money
Chose now, love, chastity, charity
Perceive God’s heart with clarity
Purity of heart
Life set apart

I put together a podcast, Podcast Meditations Through the Beatitudes. In each podcast I have fallowed one of Jesus saying in the beatitudes found in Matthew through the narrative of scripture. This poem and the others found at The Beatitudes in Poetry are reductions of what I have learned through this process.

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