Turn off the TV
Face the palpable silence
Mind, unentertained
Turn down the radio
Now face the quiet you dread
Your mind free to think
Now you remember
Ears tingling, unburdened
Who and where you are
Free to imagine
Free to breathe, create , explore
Present, in your brain

Trying to fulfill the obligations of Discipleship Training School while also parenting four kids can at times be challenging. However, despite the busy schedule, I have found that I still have the mental energy and desire to be creative. I believe this can largely be attributed to two things. having few sources of entertainment and having no real way to make or spend money. In this we have been cultivating the experience of being undistracted. Certainly entertainment and money have their proper place in our lives. That said, this experience has helped me to rethink the place they have been holding in mine.
The week I wrote this poem our lectures were on intimacy with God and hearing His voice. A major part of developing our relationship with God is simply being able to stop and listen. So many, myself included, often live afraid of boredom. In our gluttony for productivity and entertainment, have we lost the ability to be at rest? It is only when we stop doing, striving, and consuming, that we can fully participate in listening, maturing and growing.   

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