She may have wealth
She knows that God owns the earth
She may be wise
But she knows that God knows all
She may be kind
But she knows God is love
She may suffer
But She knows God is good
Humbly following Jesus’ lead
She takes up her cross
Her life is in heaven
Her presence on the earth
The kingdom of heaven
Present on earth

I wrote this after putting together a meditation on the meaning of Poor in Spirit throughout the Bible. For me, poetry is a great way to write something down densely. It is a great way to capture a moment of thought and preserve it for a latter date. You can find the meditation here Ep. B2 Blessed are the Poor in Spirit. The picture above is of our YWAM DTS outreach in Cambodia. Our friend is telling the creation story to Khmer students who have never heard it before. We had spent the morning working with the students cleaning up garbage in the city. She had been grabbing armfuls of garbage and smiling the whole time.

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